Personalized Yoga

The ancient tradition of yoga brings centuries of knowledge to all practitioners. I have been blessed to learn from dedicated teachers. Yoga has eight limbs of knowledge, it is the original holistic system.

  • YAMA – Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows.
  • NIYAMA – Positive duties or observances.
  • ASANA – Posture.
  • PRANAYAMA – Breathing Techniques.
  • PRATYAHARA – Sense withdrawal.
  • DHARANA – Focused Concentration.
  • DHYANA – Meditative Absorption.
  • SAMADHI – Bliss or Enlightenment.

I have married this wisdom to my corrective exercise education and create personalized yoga sequences for practitioners. This unique to you flow of asanas addresses your flexibility, mobility, stability and strength needs. We create a video recording of you in flow with me teaching. The cues and reminders can be reviewed as your personal morning practice, removing the question of how best to spend your time. This directly improves your pain points and builds a better you for your dreams.

Yoga Services

Private Breath Assessment $200

Do you have a breathing pattern disorder that is driving pain patterns in your body? Breath is an invitation to life. No breath, no life. As a certified breathwork practitioner, we can identify suboptimal breathing and offer easy daily actions to improve how you fuel your muscles and mind.

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