Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic living takes into consideration all the systems that create optimal function in our life. If one system is out of balance we create stress in other aspects. This stress over time creates pain. The pain is meant to bring our attention to the imbalance. Many of us first attempt to treat the pain point and not the root cause of the imbalance. Holistic living brings us back to basics and aligns our intention with our attention.

The holistic yin principles bring energy in and replenish the body, mind and spirit.

  • Sleep, recovery, rest and meditation
  • Nutrition, information, and education
  • Hydration and electrolyte balance

The holistic yang principles move energy out and about in the body, mind and spirit.

  • Movement, balance and ambulation
  • Thinking, believing and experiencing
  • Breathing, oxygenation, and pumping

The Chek six foundational principles are the basis of every person’s vitality. To create permanent improvement we co-create an environment for optimal sustainable growth. No more band-aids. I love to empower others with the knowledge and the tactics for increasing your health span.

Holistic Lifestyle Services

Organ Stress Assessment $400

Using Paul Chek’s Health Appraisal Questionnaire we will pinpoint organ distress signals in the body. Taking the time to answer the pointed questions about your current physiologic load will help us understand which organs are calling out for better care. This is a foundational assessment. I encourage all to invest in self knowledge. As a bonus you will also get your Chakra load chart to see where energy is blocked. This includes an hour consultation to explain the findings and first steps.

Chek Primal Pattern Diet Assessment $200

Take this assessment to know your ideal ancestral eating patterns. Should your plate be more protein than carbohydrates? Given your genetic history would you be better served with a smaller daily portion of protein and more whole food carbohydrates? Find out what serves you best to be optimal in everything you do. Enjoy a 45 minute consultation to explain the finding and first steps.

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